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Morning Mail app for iOS: one email at a time

morning-mail-app-ios-logoThe Morning Mail app is a new app for iOS that promises one email at a time. For now, the accompanying website lists iOS as the only mobile OS supported, but who knows, maybe it will be available for Android later on.

With all the crowded inboxes these days, new email apps and services to handle the email overload are popping up everywhere.

Here’s an animation of the interface:

From the animation above one can conclude that a little preview of the email contents is shown in the Morning Mail app, plus the sender name and subject line. If this app (or similar apps) are the future of mobile inbox management, then sender name, subject line and snippet (first lines of an email) will become even more important than they already are.
Furthermore, emails are shown in the order they arrived in your inbox.A quote from the Dribbble design page:
The app helps you to handle your inbox when you just wake up. One email at time. You can’t see whole list of emails. Mark current email to go to the next one.
Handling email like that would hardly work on desktops, where as a power email user you are used to mark several emails at the time and archive them, delete them or do any other bulk action. Morning Mail has already been dubbed the ‘Tinder for email’.
And another preview of the Morning Mail app interface:


The app website can be found here. You can get early access to the Morning Mail app on that website too. A launch date hasn’t been announced yet.

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Yesmail benchmark study: mobile opens up, other metrics lag behind

According to a new Yesmail benchmark study, email opens on mobile are up. The data involved in the research spans a period of Q2 2013 to Q2 2014. Mobile email opens are at 64.5%, while desktop opens are at 35.5%. It’s not all great news for mobile though.

Opens may be at a high point at twice the desktop opens, but clickthroughs are lagging behind. The click-to-open rate sat at a mere 9.3% in Q2 2014 for mobile, while desktop’s click-to-open rate is at a healthy 22.6%.


Reasons for mobile’s CTO lagging compared to the desktop CTO can be the ‘on-the-go’ consumers who view emails on their smartphones, as well as the actual experience of email on mobile not being the best possible.

Mobile conversions therefor seem to be the biggest challenge for marketers at the moment, when it comes to the email marketing channel. Mobile conversions are at 1.8%, while desktop conversions are at 2.7%.

Lastly, the number of mobile purchases are up, but revenue per purchase has lowered. Mobile now has 22% of all sales from email, but revenue per order dropped from $79 to $55.

Read more about the study on the Yesmail blog here.

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MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Report: test, a lot

The interviews for the MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Report have shown that there is no ‘best day’ to send out email. Rather, you should be testing your email marketing campaigns as thorough as possible.

This is concluded by David Kirkpatrick on the MarketingSherpa blog. The chart below shows that the days in the middle week were the most effective for marketers to send out their email campaigns:


However, as David notes in his article, one of the marketing team leaders he interviewed told him their best result (open rate, in this case) turned out to come from a Sunday 7AM-9AM send time. This contradicts the chart with the survey results posted above. Also worth a read on the same blog, a post from earlier in August: Email Marketing: Unique send times for micro-personalization [Video]

The only right answer that can be given to the question ‘When is the best send time / day for my email campaign?’ is to test what works, and also what doesn’t work.

The fun answer I sometimes give to people who ask me that question is ‘when the chances are highest that someone will engage with your email’. However, it holds a true point: if you send out your email marketing campaign while people are already flooded in email, then it won’t get much attention, if at all! But when it lands in the inbox at the people have a moment to spend time on it, chances are a lot bigger they will give the email the attention it needs (from your perspective).


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GraphicMail acquired by SMTP, SharpSpring too

ESP GraphicMail and marketing automation company SharpSpring have been acquired by SMTP. The acquisition of GraphicMail, which has been in business for nearly ten years, was announced on the GraphicMail blog. The press announcement of the acquisition of both GraphicMail and SharpSpring by SMTP can be found here.

GraphicMail acquired by SMTP

graphicmail acquired by smtp, as well as sharpspringFor those who don’t know SMTP: SMTP is an email delivery service provider handling email delivery for marketing and enterprise web applications. GraphicMail is an email marketing service provider located in over a dozen countries around the world. GraphicMail has over 30,000 customers worldwide. Read more about GraphicMail in their about us and on their team page.

SharpSpring acquired by SMTP, brings marketing automation to product portfolio

SharpSpring calls itself the solution for simple marketing automation. Their website notes product features like behavioral-based email automation, lead nurturing and lead scoring, forms functionality and 3rd party CRM integration.

More on the acquisition of both GraphicMail and SharpSpring can be be found in the faq on this GraphicMail page.

With these acquisitions on the email marketing service provider front as well as the marketing automation front, SMTP seems to be expanding into the complete suite area of online marketing platforms. In recent years, many acquisitions have taken place in the online marketing and marketing automation industry. Silverpop has been acquired by IBM, ExactTarget by Salesforce and Eloqua by Oracle, to name but a few.

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Daimler employees can auto-delete emails during vacation

The latest in inbox overload, and therefor inbox management: having your inbox auto-delete emails when on vacation. This is the case for Daimler employees in Germany.

It really is like pausing your email communication: leaving for vacation and coming back and having no new emails. No looking at work email from your vacation address anymore: just leave it alone, new email will be delivered when you’re back.


Daimler, which is best known for producing Mercedes cars and trucks, has about 100,000 employees. All of them can set their inboxes to auto-delete emails during their vacation. The sender will then receive a ‘mail on holiday’ notification and gets the option to contact a substitute person.

Quoting Wilfried Porth of the HR division of Daimler:

“Our employees should relax on holiday and not read work-related emails,” said Wilfried Porth, board member for human resources. “With ‘Mail on Holiday’ they start back after the holidays with a clean desk. There is no traffic jam in their inbox. That is an emotional relief.”

I case you are someone who checks their work email on vacation or worse, -has- to check their work email on vacation: point to this article with the hint to roll out a similar process at your office.

There’s still a big difference between work and private: you need private time to relax, recharge and do private things. Family, friends, children and everything else: it allows you to detach from work and refresh.

If you don’t get that downtime, especially when on vacation, your work keeps invading private life when it shouldn’t.

I hope to see other companies follow suit and introduce similar ways of having clean inboxes after vacations: an excellent start after a break which is supposed to get you off work, and on suspended mode.

Read more on the story at The Atlantic here: source

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