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Interview with Get Fractal founder Abs Farah

getfractal_logoThe following interview is with Abs Farah: one of the founders of Get Fractal, a UK company dedicated to making your life better. The way they do it is by taking your html and css you designed as a regular web page, and put it through the blender, and out comes email client friendly html and css. Yaay!

Here’s the interview:

Remy: Tell us a little about how did Fractal get started: the idea, the goals, the challenges.

Abs: Like most startups, the best problems to solve are those that you’ve experienced yourself. “Scratching your own itch”, so to speak. This was the case for us when we started Fractal. Whilst studying computer science at University, my brother and I did a lot freelance work in our free time. Mostly web based applications. However, at one point a particular client asked us if we could create an email marketing campaign for them, something we hadn’t done before. But we thought sure, it’s only HTML and CSS, how hard could it be? Read more

Google Chrome 10 Beta released, faster than ever

Late last week the first version of Google Chrome 10 was released as beta. According to the post on the Chrome blog this is the fastest version ever of the company’s browser, posting an increase of an impressive 66% on the V8 benchmark compared to the previous version:

This is the first Chrome version that will utilize a computer’s GPU to accelerate video: through the use of this the load on the CPU should be a lot lower. The settings interface has been given a revamp as well, and the functionality of storing and syncing of passwords is expanded.

With the Firefox 4 Beta also available now, and recently the IE9 RC version too it seems the battle of the browsers is definitely heating up. With Chrome hovering at about 5% to 10% market share it seems it’s the only browser showing real growth currently, with Internet Explorer share declining below 60% and Firefox just hovering at the same 25% to 30%.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta released

Yesterday the new Internet Explorer 9 Beta was released by Microsoft. The features introduced earlier on in the Platform Previews have been expanded on, and now the full Beta version of IE9 is available. One of the biggest advantages will be using full hardware acceleration on today’s computers for a faster and better web experience.

The newest iteration of the Internet Explorer family will include support for quite some new technologies:

  • HTML5
  • Pinning, Jump Lists and Aero-snap (with Windows 7)
  • CSS3
  • New Javascript-engine Chakra
  • Much much more

You can download the Internet Explorer 9 Beta here.