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Facebook retires email service

It was recently announced that Facebook retires email service  (as part of the new Facebook Messages). It was launched in November 2010 as the next best thing in online messaging or ‘next generation messaging’. In the end, it just turned out to be email from Facebook. Facebook crew had to give up their coveted @facebook.com email addresses to allow for Facebook users to register theirs. Facebook has reverted to sending emails to those email addresses as a forward to regular registered email addresses as main contact address from now on.


Now that it’s the case that Facebook retires email service, we can look at why it wasn’t a success. The reason it never really gotten any serious userbase is probably because its user interface wasn’t very userfriendly. It was lacking for both reading and writing messages. A Facebook spokesperson noted that nobody ever really used their @facebook.com email address.


It seemed like such a great idea when it launched: one single message box for all types of online messages: text, Facebook message or email, regardless where someone was. It was a nice vision by Mark Zuckerberg, but without following through with a great message client and further development the project was doomed.  What didn’t help the service either were email scams that began to arrive in people’s inboxes soon after its introduction. Read more on the news on The Verge.

Did you really ever use your Facebook email address? Did you even make one or did you think, I’m fine with the half a dozen or so email addresses I have now? Please tell your story in the comments.

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Facebook introduces Graph Search, internal search engine

Facebook has introduced Graph Search, a new internal search service at an event held at the Facebook headquarters.

Graph Search, what is it?

First and foremost, the new search function is meant as a way to find anything on any topic shared in the past. One example of a search phrase would be ‘Photos my friends took in New York City’, which would give those photos from NYC made by your friends as a result.


When it comes to privacy, it seems Facebook is trying to do it right, right away with Graph Search: when searching for photos for instance, only photos shared with you will appear. Subjects covered by the new internal search are people, photos, places and interests.


In case nothing is found, Graph Search will switch over to web-based search by means of Microsoft’s Bing.


This service means a lot of ‘old’ content you and your friends shared will be revisited: that which has been only viewed once or twice when passing by in the Timeline will now be revisited with Graph Search.

Here’s what the search will look like:

The search bar’s appearance will be bigger on top of each page. Refining search results looks like this:


On the right hand side you can see that the search results can be refined by gender, relationship, employer, current city, hometown, school, friendship and even likes. Also, searches can be extended firther (see bottom right of the above picture. The search should allow you to connect with more people, find new interests and see what has been shared in the past by your friends.

This is one of the things Facebook will be on the same playing field as the top performing product from their competitor Google: search. No doubt Facebook will find ways to monetize it, with either sponsored messages/pages, paid ads next to search results and other means of income. Also, it will be interesting to see how fast Facebook will approach Google’s number of daily searches, which is around 5 billion per day. Facebook has over 1 billion users, according to an update in September 2012.

More details can be found here in the Facebook Newsroom, as well as the about page. You can also join the waiting list for beta access – currently only available to English (US) audiences.

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Facebook hires MailRank team, Messages services getting update

In a blog post on their website the MailRank team notes that they have been hired by Facebook effective this December. Remember Project Titan? Eventually it was launched as the new Facebook Messages in November last year. In the meantime things have been awfully quiet around the service – not to mention the very small amount of people diggin a @facebook.com email address.

MailRank is a small team dedicated to getting your email priorities right without technical fuzz, helping email users keeping a lid on their email volume. In the blog post, MailRank is not getting into details what they exactly will be working on, but with their email prioritizing experience chances are big that they will give the Facebook Messages service a push in the right direction.

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To conclude with a video, here’s a great one called ‘The Break Up’ about a consumer vs advertiser. Enjoy!