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Google Analytics Guide: a periodic table

Jeff Sauer has posted a nice Google Analytics guide over at his website. The guide is made in the form of a periodic table. The four different types involved are product, metrics, reports and features.

For those of you who have already been using the service for a while, this Google Analytics guide will be a nice wake up call. You might not use all features, metrics or reports that are available. With that, you could miss out on valuable data from visitors or clients on your website. If you have had the opportunity to use Google Analytics Premium, you should already be able to get the most out of it. However, a fresh reminder of things never hurts, right?

Also, any conversion measuring / boosting features like advanced segments, attribution modeling as well as content experiments will help in making data work for you. Next to that, the new Universal Analytics will broaden your horizon. It will help in tracking beyond your regular website, as well as defining custom dimensions and metrics.

Here’s the table:


The Google Analytics guide is very useful for those of you who already use the tracking service, but don’t yet use it to its fullest potential. The full Google Analytics guide contains a description below the periodic table of every aspect. Things like bounce rate, intelligence events and demographics are described.

The printable PDF is definitely recommended as a download and printout: just in case you were forgetting something setting up your new Google Analytics account, or simply want to learn about more aspects of Google Analytics. Once you understand its true power, Google Analytics will deliver all the necessary key performance indicators in the metrics department. After all, you want your website to be succesful of course. Why not use the tools available to the fullest, so you can make sure you squeeze every little bit of useful information out of the data availble.

Again, here’s the link to the guide.

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Google Analytics Premium comes to Europe

google_analytics_premium_comes_to_europeGoogle Analytics Premium will be making its way to Europe. The first countries where Google Analytics premium will be available from authorized resellers are France, Germany and Spain.

Google Analytics Premium features all functionality from the standard Google Analytics, however there are some extras involved. These include dedicated support from a reseller, service guarantees and more data processing power. All of this is meant to help bigger companies get the most from their Analytics data. No extra fees are involved in the process: Google Analytics Premium is based on a flat fee.

The video below explains the service in detail:

The resellers involved in the European rollout of the service are fifty-five, Trakken, e-Wolff, WATT, Webanalytics.es & Metriplica.

More information can be found on the Google Analytics blog here.

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Email marketing design winner: Google Analytics

It might seem odd (or easy) to choose a non-promotional, non-retail email as this time’s email marketing design winner, but there are some very good reasons I chose the most recent Google Analytics product update email.

One of the reasons for selecting this email is that quite some people sometimes forget email marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be about selling stuff and services, or about saying how great you and your employees are.

A product update email that helps people use your product with examples and tips, referring to use cases and separate blog posts is a great way to have people be more succesful with your product. Isn’t that the end result that any company should pursue?

Here’s the email. Subject line: Google Analytics Product Update: Real-Time data, Shortcut Reports, & MCF API


Second part of the email:

You’ll have probably already noticed a few things here. From top to bottom, my reasons this is the email marketing design winner: Read more

Email news: botnet takedown, art of email, Google Analytics and email timing

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For this weeks video, it’s time to dive into what social media actually is: people seem to have many varying concepts about that. Enjoy!